The Desk Debate

I’m almost fully settled into my apartment.  Just need to make room for a few final essentials like a couch, maybe some extra lighting, and that stripper pole I’ve always wanted in the living room.  One of those might be a bullshit item.  I’ll leave it up to you to figure out which.

I’ve got a certain fondness for office furniture, probably because I spend so much time in one.  I keep wondering about what’s the best way to set one up.  It’s a playful distraction at best, an excuse to do nothing at worst.  I like work areas that are free from distraction.  Clean stark setups are my preferred eye candy because my mind often feels overwhelmed.  My coworkers poke fun at the fact that I have nothing on the walls of my office.  And because I focus on science fiction and have a sweet spot for gaming, I can ogle various gaming stations for hours.

My own desk isn’t that big.  A lot of space is taken up by the monitor and keyboard.  If I’m working on something, there’s a good chance that I’d run out of surface space.  It’s not that I obsess over how humble my desk look but rather I try finding more space to work off of.  I didn’t realize until this weekend that my entire apartment is my desk.  The desk, kitchen table, the coffee table in the living room, my bed, the walls and floors.

There’s something else about the desk that I’ve been thinking about lately.  It comes from Stephen King describing his own experiences.  To put it succinctly, waiting around for the perfect desk is like saying you can’t write because you don’t have the perfect pen or you’re waiting for just the right notebook.

The desk I’m writing at this very moment, I’ve had this for about two or three years.  I’ve written stories at this desk.  Some good, some bad.  Some published, many tossed in the trash bin.  Sometimes I do wish I have a corner desk where one side can be used for the computer and the other for paperwork.  And in the back of my head, I’d love it if I could redo my place to look like something out of Tron.  That’s not going to happen today.  For now, it’s a fantasy like when people imagine what they’ll do upon retirement.

In the meantime, there are stories to write.

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