Words Have Appeared

I’ve wrote this month.  No, I’m not kidding.  And not just messing around with a few paragraphs here and a couple of sentences there.  Nouns and verbs have come together like the sludge in Stanley Miller’s lab. Some days, I can’t get to the computer.  I’m too wiped out from the workday to do anything […]

Constructed Languages

Paul Frommer made Na’vi.  Mark Okrand made Klingon.  JRR Tolkien made Quenya, Sindarin, and many other languages. Constructed languages have accompanied fictional cultures for years, and are pretty much a requirement in future writing.  The reader’s attention to detail is such that they will register whether or not something is off linguistically just as they […]

You’re Not Fired, Just Demoted

I had yesterday off for Memorial Day.  No big plans.  I thought I’d surely get a bunch of writing done on my novel this weekend over three days.  I ended up with about a page and a half, but that was written seven or eight times. Kurt Vonnegut had days where he wrote only a […]

I Ain’t Dead! Yay!

I haven’t posted on here since March.  I can’t believe how the time has flow since I last posted on here.  It’s spring, that magical time of year where I basically hide under a mountain of work at my day job and never see the light of day.  I haven’t written anything at all in […]

It’s Okay to Make Stuff Up

I began working on one of my novels over the weekend.  It opens in Chile, and one of the roadblocks I immediately ran into was the fact that I know almost nothing about Chile.  I know where it’s located and a couple of cities, but that’s it.  While I’ve got Google Maps showing me the […]

Who’s Going to be President (in Your Story)?

It’s been a busy couple of weeks.  Things been hectic at my day job, and I’ve managed to set some time aside in the evening to get the needle twitching on my writing-o-meter.  I currently have four projects that I’m either developing or about ready to start drafting, two novels and two short stories. One […]

Erin’s Cave

Erin went into the wolf’s lair.  The air was hot, damp, and close.  She had been on the trail for days, almost a week.  It began raining on the second day.  The rain turned into a storm by the fourth, lightening for just a few hours as he emerged from the woods and began climbing […]